Become a Podcast Guest Featuring Megan Hall Episode 172

Becoming A Podcast Guest, Megan Hall, The Inspired Women Podcast

Welcome to episode one hundred and seventy of The Inspired Women Podcast. In this week’s Fri-YAY your host Megan Hall chats about becoming a podcast guest.

Megan Hall is a progressive, mom, wife, psychology student, care bear stuck in a human body, and an advocate for change. Her favorite color is pink and favorite music decade is the 1990’s. She loves glitter, nature, hanging out with friends, and cuddling her husband.

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Megan Hall

2 thoughts on “Become a Podcast Guest Featuring Megan Hall Episode 172

  1. LOVED IT Megan! You are so into delving into the raw, personal side of life to help your listeners understand that no matter what you’re going through; there is always a way to overcome life’s obstacles; face your fears, listen to your own inner guidance rather than to the “mindless chatter” of everyone else around you and emerge a Butterfly rather than a caterpillar. But sometimes; being a Butterfly is also frightening; you’ve been accustomed to crawling on the ground; what if you can’t fly; what if you fly into the mouth of an oncoming bird ~ we ALL need to learn how to become butterfly’s and the amazing thing is; we have ALL the answers within in us! That Miracle; that Magic Pill that we’ve all been waiting for; it’s already within us…WE ARE THE MIRACLE! And…I’ve only listened to this one podcast so far but I honestly LOVED IT!

  2. Thanks Nancy! I am surprised you got that out of the episode. You will find so much more in upcoming episodes. Enjoy!

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