Become a Podcast Guest

* Disclaimer if four letter words offend you this is not the podcast to apply to*

If you would like to be featured on The Inspired Women Podcast please fill out the form below. Do not email or PM your pitch as I only accept guest pitches via this application. I am looking to highlight stories of those who identify as a woman or chat about mental health with those who identify as a woman. Every woman has something to share but if you would like to be featured please keep the things below in mind.


– Don’t apply if you are currently “in it.” We want to inspire others by showing how you got through something not by venting about something you’re currently in.

– Don’t apply to speak on a mental health topic that you are not well versed in. 

– Don’t apply to pitch your business. This isn’t a business podcast. It’s about life stories or mental health. If your business is connected to something you’ve been through that’s great but we will start with the story. More information in the application.

– Don’t apply to talk about your religious beliefs. While I respect everyone’s religious beliefs, and do not mind them being mentioned, this is not a religious podcast. Preaching or trying to convert others while on the podcast will not be tolerated. 

– Don’t apply until you’ve listened to a minimum of three interviews on the podcast. We want to make sure that you like my interview style and podcast premise. Plus this ensures your application and story are the right fit.

– Don’t apply until you are ready to be raw and real. We don’t sugar coat anything.

Filling out this form does not guarantee you will be featured. Thank you!



PS I highly recommend listening to THIS EPISODE of the podcast that breaks down my expectations for applications.