The Importance of a Good Network Featuring Genecia Alluora Episode 173

Genecia Alluora, The Inspired Women Podcast, The Importance of a Good Network

Welcome to episode one hundred and seventy three of The Inspired Women Podcast. In today’s episode your host Megan Hall interviews Genecia Alluora.

Genecia Alluora is a former Singaporean beauty queen and the Founder of Soul Rich Woman, Southeast Asia’s leading network for female entrepreneurs connecting 12,000+ women and 200,000 subscribers across the region.

In 2015, she established Soul Rich Woman as an avenue to impart her two decades worth of knowledge in entrepreneurship, marketing, and branding to its all-women community, enabling her to use her influence to help other aspiring women-preneurs succeed.

It is where Genecia pours her passion and knowledge, and a place where she and a network of female mentors share all the latest online business trends and updates to keep its members digitally-savvy, well-informed, and constantly steered to the right direction — making them confident and successful in running their own businesses.

Since its inception in Singapore, Soul Rich Woman has now grown to be a network of 12,000+ female entrepreneurs with a presence in other Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

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