Polyamory Featuring Crissi Dalfonzo

Crissi Dalfonzo, The Inspired Women Podcast, Polyamory

Welcome to The Inspired Women Podcast. In today’s episode your host Megan Hall interviews Crissi Dalfonzo.

A self-described “professional queer”, Crissi Dalfonzo (she/her) has made her career educating about and supporting LGBTQ+ college students. Crissi has been out as a queer woman for 15+ years and has identified as polyamorous, although not always in practice, for nearly 10. She is currently part of a group of amazing and interconnected humans who affectionately refer to themselves as a polycule. Crissi currently resides in “gorges” Ithaca New York, with her dog Ellie. A higher education professional with an arts background, Crissi can just as easily be found knitting or trying a new craft as she can be working at a computer, and loves all things rainbow, sparkle, and unicorns.

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