Learning to Love Yourself Featuring Maya Stephens

Maya Stephens, The Inspired Women Podcast, learning to love yourself

Welcome to episode two hundred and twenty nine of The Inspired Women Podcast. In today’s episode your host Megan Hall interviews Maya Stephens.

Maya Stephens known as Mz Maya J, is an International Speaker, Author, self love and voice empowerment coach that teaches millennials how to fall in love with themselves and find the confidence to use their voice to impact and transform their relationships at the core. Her journey began from an injustice done to her and her 3 children that caused her family to be split and her then 10 month old son wrongfully taken from her. It was during this devastating time that Maya discovered the deeper value and power of self love. It was through self love she was able to take responsibility for the unfortunate chain of events and regain her power as a better woman, mother, and Influencer. Her mission is to touch the hearts and change the lives of 1 billion people. She’s on a journey to release books in 2 years, starting with her first book “My First Love is Me” coming soon, and her book “The Narcissist” which she writes as a mockery about the child services therapists false diagnosis to conspire against her in efforts to keep her son from her, to empower and encourage others to not play victim and to not fall into the image others have you. She is determined to spread unconditional self love, she even instills it in her kids.

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