Everything You Need is Inside You Featuring Nancy Byrne

Nancy Byrne, Everything you need is inside you, The Inspired Women Podcast

Welcome to episode two hundred and twenty seven of The Inspired Women Podcast. In today’s episode your host Megan Hall interviews Nancy Byrne.

The author of acclaimed “Choices”, Nancy Byrne is set to make a difference. Majoring in psychology at the University of Colorado for both her undergrad and graduate work, she has worked for an Adolescent Psychiatric Treatment Hospital, a Women-in-need-of- group-support program, a rape crisis center, a major police department as as director of a victim services unit and several high risk shelters for adolescents. Nancy is a spiritual/psychic reader and channeler for the prestigious American Association of Psychics and graduated from the Aspen Program for Psychic Development with certification in Psychic Development, Spirit Mediumship, Medical Intuition, Reiki Master/Teacher. As Nancy says, “It is my soul’s desire to ‘give back’ to the Universe and to serve by assisting others on their life’s journey.

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