The Road of Sobriety and Mental Health Featuring Sharon Fekete

Sharon Fekete, The Road of Sobriety and Mental Health, Sharon Fekete

Welcome to The Inspired Women Podcast. On this episode your host Megan Hall interviews Sharon Fekete.

Sharon wrote her book, The Broken Road to Mental Health in Life and in Business, to honor her 25th sober anniversary and her Mom’s birthday on 8/11/19. Sharon got sober at 21 years old, but not before she experienced a blackout that moved her from New York to Michigan, two rehabs, a halfway house, and a 12-step recovery program. She went on to run large medical practices in New York and Tampa Bay, which eventually led to running her own businesses, The Doctor Whisperer and 13th Avenue Media. Today, she also speaks to organizations about her own previous struggles with addiction, depression, and the journey to overcome adversity. She offers companies practical and effective ways to encourage a safe space to navigate through this broken road to mental health in life and business.

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