Battling Schizophrenia Featuring Caroline Shanks-Richards

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Welcome to episode two hundred and forty nine of The Inspired Women Podcast. In today’s episode your host Megan Hall interviews Caroline Shanks-Richards.

Caroline became quite rapidly unwell in 2013 with schizoaffective disorder/schizophrenia. The illness came out of nowhere and hit her like a juggernaught. Weight dropped off her, she started making strange choices and there was a tiger living in her head. She lost her job, her boyfriend and all sense of reality. She didn’t know any of this was happening. She thought dying was a brilliant idea. She didn’t die, she got better, slowly. Dying wasn’t an option because of her three teenage children. And her dog. Six years later Caroline is the happiest (and sanest!) she’s ever been. She has retrained as an NLP practitioner and counsellor and is part of a charity working for mental health service dogs. The tiger comes and hangs outs sometimes but that’s okay.

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