We’re All Adults Featuring Megan Hall

We're all adults, The inspired women podcast, Megan Hall

Welcome to episode one hundred and eighty four of The Inspired Women Podcast. In this week’s Fri-YAY your host Megan Hall chats about adulting.

Megan Hall is a progressive, mom, wife, psychology student, care bear stuck in a human body, and an advocate for change. Her favorite color is pink and favorite music decade is the 1990’s. She loves glitter, nature, hanging out with friends, and cuddling her husband.

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Megan Hall

1 thought on “We’re All Adults Featuring Megan Hall

  1. Megan, I absolutely LOVED this episode. I especially liked that you pointed out that parents should not be taking care of our kids; they are already took care of us and…We all need to take ownership of our own shit! So many times we point the finger at others rather than accepting responsibility for our own actions and this seems to be the Main Theme of your show. Taking Responsibility for our own actions!

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