Episode 125 Losing Someone to Suicide Featuring Leslie O’Bryant

The Inspired Women Podcast, Leslie O'Bryant, Losing Someone to Suicide

Welcome to episode one hundred and twenty five of The Inspired Women Podcast. In today’s episode your host Megan Hall interviews Leslie O’Bryant.

Leslie has done lots of things since we last had her on! She is now a co-host of the hilarious Milspouse CoffeeHouse Podcast. Leslie has founded Classy Broads Coffee & Tea out of her coffee shop in Eastern North Carolina. Along with that, she has partnered with an artisan bath & body company to create a unique product line that infused Classy Broads tea into everything. But that’s not why she’s here today.

In April 2018, Leslie lost her sister, Shauna. Shauna was 25, a Navy veteran, and absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately, she lost a battle against depression and killed herself before she could get help.

Leslie is passionate about suicide prevention, and breaking the stigma that depression & other metal illnesses carry with them. She has created a foundation to help other non-profits who share the same mission, and to also assist families in the aftermath of a suicide.

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