Making It As A Teen Mum Featuring Pauline Morris

Pauline Morris, The Inspired Women Podcast, Making It As A Teen Mum

Welcome to The Inspired Women Podcast. On this episode your host Megan Hall interviews Dr Pauline Morris.

Dr. Pauline Morris is a Consultant Anaesthetist and a Career and Personal Development Coach, having worked within and outside of medicine, across several regions including the Caribbean, Middle East and the United Kingdom.
As the founder of Doctors Caring for Doctors, a career coaching and support service for physicians, her mission is to help doctors discover how they can have a fulfilling life and a successful career without burning out.

As a former teen mum, Pauline also works with teen mums and their parents to help them reconnect with their values, renew their energy and develop a mindset that allows them to rediscover their purpose and live a life of freedom, choice and abundance.

Topics Mentioned In This Episode

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