Healing Trauma Through Wild Horses Featuring Konnie Fries

Healing Trauma Through Wild Horses, Konnie Fries, The Inspired Women Podcast

Welcome to The Inspired Women Podcast. On this episode your host Megan Hall interviews Konnie Fries.

At the young age of 13, Konnie found herself in the grips of addiction to numb trauma and seek comfort. Through numerous traumatic events, teenaged pregnancy, addiction, sex work, relapse, and juvenile delinquency Konnie persevered and found the will to live and love herself with the help of wild horses. Now 37, Konnie is a mother to 5 children, living her best life in rural CO. Her experiences have shaped her ability to successfully help horses and humans heal. Konnie’s story is one of inspiration and hope. Her mission is to reach others who struggle and help them embrace their shadows.

Topics Mentioned In This Episode

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