Episode 34 with Sindy V. King

Welcome to Episode Thirty Four of The Inspired Women Podcast. In this episode your host Megan Hall interviews Dating & Relationship expert Sindy V. King.

Integrating effective tools and deep expertise in Vedic Astrology, Health & Fitness and Forensic Accounting, Sindy King, is the world’s one and only Sexy Love Scientist and Founder of The Man Magnet. Her mission is to educate and empower high-achieving and career-driven men and women to consciously embrace and express their masculine and feminine sexual essence so that they can be finally be happy and fulfilled in a long-lasting love relationship.

Sindy is North America’s trustworthy source of real-world teachings on love and relationship that is actually based on medical science and rewiring the brain through neuroplasticity. Her unique transformational process of teaching men and women (including LGQBT) about masculine and feminine sexual essence is a breath of fresh air in North America’s current crisis in modern dating confusion and marriage breakdown. Highly intuitive and using her signature blunt humour style, Sindy delivers no B.S., un-PC, just straight-up scientifically-proven sexy love advice. Influenced by the great analytical psychologist Carl Jung, Sindy’s teachings help people get clear on which energy (masuline or feminine) they want to express, practice being in that energy, and attract their right match to create long-lasting relationships based on authentic expression and honest communication.

Sindy’s first crush was a little boy she met on the playground when she was 5 years old. As a little girl through to her twenties, Sindy believed with all her heart that she would one day meet her Prince Charming and live happily ever after. Her first boyfriend at 15 was an innocent puppy love, followed by a sweet but tragic intimate relationship at age 19 when she discovered he had been unfaithful to her. Sindy was so heartbroken and devastated that she dropped out of university for a time, but eventually returned to complete her degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) specializing in Accounting, Human Resources, Kinesiology and Psychology.

After graduating from university, Sindy was determined to heal her broken heart by focusing on her career and passions in health and fitness, travel, science and Vedic astrology. She learned and taught Pole Dancing, trained and competed in Ironwoman at age 21 while living in Los Angeles, California. Indulging more in her love of numbers, logic and scientific analysis, Sindy moved to New York City to work as a Forensic Accountant for 10 years. Specialized in handling the financial aftermath of divorce, she got up close and personal with her clients suffering from the tragedy of a marriage breakdown. Sindy was determined to find a scientific solution for men and women struggling in an intimate relationship. During this time, she was coached and mentored by North America’s #1 Relationship Experts, as well as trained and mentored by Ernst Wilhelm on using the tools and insights Vedic Astrology for self-discovery and better relationships.

Almost a decade after her first heartbreak, Sindy met the man of her dreams. He was perfect; he also had blond hair and blue eyes like her childhood crush. Sindy was totally in love and invested in “The One”, but there was a fatal flaw: her Prince Charming did not support her vision and passions. Sindy made the difficult decision to walk away from an unfulfilling relationship. Loving and honouring herself first was a powerful lesson about the true meaning of love that could only be learned through this experience.

From this journey, The Love Lab was born. After 10 years as a Forensic Accountant, Sindy quit her corporate job to be the world’s one and only Sexy Love Scientist working with. Sindy has successfully worked with clients from finding love for the first time to renewing their marriage vows. Sindy brings supportive tools from her 10 years’ experience as a Forensic Accountant specializing in divorce mediations, 19 years’ teaching and instruction in health and fitness, and the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology.

Born in Toronto and raised in Vancouver, Sindy splits her time between Vancouver and New York City.

Topics Mentioned In This Episode

Top ten reasons for relationships fail

It’s normal that people want to meet someone and settle down with the ‘right person and last for the life time life time. At the same time, the majority of romantic partnership end with dissolution. What are major causes of break up? Below are my top ten reasons why relationship fail. I agree every couple is unique and the longer the longer they shared their lives together, the formula is most likely to be complex. The list of reasons below is not meant to be comprehensive or arrange in order by dissolution. They simply represent some of the most common and damaging factors behind relational of ending the relationship.

1. Complex language in Communication
The breakdown of communication is a very challenging to our western culture. Through Dr Pat Allen teaching about the different from masculine and feminine energy. Both people are working and both people are taking care of chores or they’re paying for somebody to do it. Now those people have a problem because they think equal money and equal chores is also equal communication. Now we got a problem with communication.

They hate the idea that “equality,” isn’t appropriate. You need one “masculine” and one “feminine” energy, no matter what the sexes—for a good relationship. Not two masculine or two feminine energies. “Equality”—with the same energy–in romance, is not appropriate.
So when a man says, “I think,” and then he asks his woman, “How do you feel about it” and he listens that creates complementary communication. Tango dance it has a beautiful and romantic side. So we should start communication that way.
The confusion I get with communication is when a woman says, “I feel THAT ….,” she is not in her feelings, she is in her thoughts.
Also when a woman says, “I feel YOU…,” it is also not a feeling.
A feeling would be, ‘I feel angry’. (Feeling some emotion.)
They’ll bash each other to death or pull each other to death. Complementary communication is essential. The Yang energy person would say, “I think ____, how do you feel about it? How can I help you feel better about it?” The Yin energy person would say, “I don’t feel very good about this, what do you think about doing it this way and what can I do to help us do it?”

2. Compatibility issue

Compatibility is a large topic but the majority has to do with common life goal; this could be wanting to start a family or moving across the country. This has to do partnership goal and if they are on the same page or not.

3. Boredom
If we are bored with the partnership that we are in than we then to look for another person or the feeling to better sexual experience that doesn’t mean always mean it’s with our partner. The top popular trend after 2.5 years marriage is open marriage; it brings up jealous. Our human body is built for stimulation and procession.

4. Schedule
It’s so stressful to manage our time but scheduling time to connect. Everyone grow every day and investing into the relationship through time and taking time on date night or making time to work out some issue require time. It seems like too many couples can’t give time a day to be present for each other.

5. Unhealthy physical behavior

This hurt the relationship energy, although this may or may not directly involve the partner such as drugs, gambling, alcohol and sexual addiction. This may ultimately affect the relationship in destructive way because your partner could feel alone and absent of the partnership hurt the foundation.

6. Finance

There is correlation with money and the successful of relationship. This is one of most common reason relationships failed. Money issues and disputes tap into some of the deepest psychological needs for security, survival, and safety.

7. Sexual desire
When the couple don’t know their language love has impacted how they express their love for each other. Taking a simple test from Five Language of love from Gary Chapman. Everyone express loves different and to not acknowledging your partner’s need is painful process to miss understand.

8. Imbalance of power masculine and feminism energy
If you’ve met any western (culture) women you’ve seen “Men” in girls’ bodies. There are more “men” in girls’ bodies today than ever before and there are more “women” in men’s bodies” than ever before. I don’t care which they want–but both people can’t be in their Yang (masculine) energy or both in their Yin (feminine) energy; it’s too equal which kills the intimacy in the relationship; this clearly defines in Dr Pat Allen work.
I want to clear the gender myths such as “men should be bred winner” or “women should be homemaker”. All I am saying here that gender doesn’t matter but what is more important your role as household, and segregated duty in the relationship.

9. Accountability
Trusting any human being is such impossible things to do. Too many couples put the pressure in trusting their partner but instead you should put pressure on the situation. It’s politically incorrect to trust any human being. What is more important to replace the word with trustworthy. The only you should trust is the situation. Let’s see if we can follow through with of our own words.

10. Power struggle
We have the codependency relationship. When one partner has more decision-making power over the other person. The codependency relationship is where one is a narcissist and one is a zero. This is a power of control and it’s being with someone who is much more submissive. It’s when one partner makes all the decisions about activities, friends, financial and household; there was no mutual agreement with both parties.

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