Mental Fitness Featuring Jennifer Bitner Episode 151

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Welcome to episode one hundred and fifty one of The Inspired Women Podcast. In today’s episode your host Megan Hall interviews Jennifer Bitner.

After spending a decade of her career as a General Manager in the Fitness industry, Jennifer retired from the corporate world in 2016, at the age of 33, to pursue her desired life as an entrepreneur with a company she started called Mind Fitness™.

She is on a mission to Educate others on tools for positive emotional, physical and financial wellness. 

Jennifer is the author of the upcoming book, MindFit: A Warriors Journey to Mental Freedom; a certified Professional Speaker through the Elite Speaker Academy; a Think and Grow Rich Trainer (in progress); a Global leading Educator on the use of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (dōTERRA) and the co-founder of an international selling Planner for Essential Oil business owners. 

Most importantly, she has a passion for mentoring other women to live a wildly purposeful life! 

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