Become a Podcast Guest

BIG NEWS the 2020 podcast schedule is full at this time. I am now taking applications for the 2021 season. I have been doing episodes every other week this year except for a few bonus pods. Next year I will be going back to every week.
I am open to doing more bonus pods this year. If you have had covid, are public health expert/medical expert with experience with covid, are a social justice activist that can educate about social justice issues, or are someone who has experienced a human rights violation, please PM me on the Facebook podcast page or the one on Instagram. Those are the kinds of stories I would like to share on bonus pods this year. 
Love, Megan <3

* Disclaimer if four letter words offend you this is not the podcast to apply to*

If you would like to be featured on The Inspired Women Podcast please fill out the form below. Do not email or PM your pitch as I only accept guest pitches via this application. I am looking to highlight stories of those who identify as a woman. If you need to reach out to me for a question unrelated to podcast guesting please email


– Listen to several episodes before applying. This will help you understand the premise of the podcast and see if you like my interview style. It also increases the likelihood that your application will have what I am looking for.

– Be specific with your answers but keep them short. 2-5 sentences will do. After that I get overwhelmed. 

– Focus on YOUR story. We always focus on how what you are talking about is relevant to your life experiences. 

– I choose people based on their story and not what they do or where they have been featured. Someone with 100 followers on social media is just as likely to have their application chosen than someone with 100,000 followers. Don’t feel the need to share all your accolades.

I highly recommend listening to THIS EPISODE of the podcast that breaks down my expectations for applications.

Filling out this form does not guarantee you will be featured. Thank you!