Episode 5 Parenting With Jules & Megan

Welcome to Episode Five of The Inspired Women Podcast. In this episode your hosts chat about the ups and downs of parenting.

Jules is a mom of three. She has a six year old daughter and three year old twin boys. Megan is a mom of four. She has a thirteen year old girl, seven year old girl, and five year old boy/girl twins. With seven children between the two of them they might have a thing or two to share about parenting. Laugh along with them while they share their woes and triumphs with parenting.

Topics Mentioned In This Episode

  • Every child is different
  • Parenting is an imperfect journey
  • Stop with the mom shame
  • Parenting is not one size fits all
  • Twins keep life interesting
  • Bad Moms is seriously hilarious

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Jules & Megan

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