Becoming Your Authentic Self Featuring Jessi Shuraleff

Becoming Your Authentic Self, Jessi Shuraleff, The Inspired Women Podcast

Welcome to The Inspired Women Podcast. On this episode your host Megan Hall interviews Jessi Shuraleff.

An effective storyteller & passionate people-first leader, Jessi spent 13.5 years at Google effectively building and leading strong sales & marketing teams partnering with some of the largest global brands in the world. Creating, building, and maintaining relationships is at the core of who she is and authenticity, vulnerability and storytelling have been the cornerstone of her skillset to get her to where she is today as a leader, a podcaster & a mom.

Jessi has been the keynote speaker at Google, Instacart and The Forem as well as spoken on numerous podcasts – Mom Is In Control, Mimosas with Mom, Own Your Truth, MindfulFire and many more – about the topics of authentic leadership, infertility, storytelling & owning your truth. Her passion is working with female leaders & women-led businesses, helping them reclaim their voice and amplify it in an authentic & proven way – both personally & professionally. Her mission is to create community & connection through sharing personal stories to empower individuals & brands to step into their own light, reclaim their voice & drive greater impact. You can find her on her website at or tune into her podcast, This Is My Truth, available on all major podcast platforms. You can also find her on LinkedIn at Jess Shuraleff and on Instagram @thisismytruthpodcast.

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