Posttraumatic Growth Featuring Brynne Schroeder

Posttraumatic Growth, Brynne Schroeder, The Inspired Women Podcast

Welcome to The Inspired Women Podcast. On this episode your host Megan Hall interviews Brynne.

Dr. Brynne Schroeder’s work is driven by the saying that “knowledge is power.” As a college professor and mental health educator, she is passionate about bringing psychological science to people of all backgrounds. While working as a counselor, she discovered a passion for education and outreach in the mental health field. She has since co-founded a business called Empowered Pathways LLC, which offers holistic training for mental health professionals and workshops on evidence based self-care. Brynne’s fascination with psychology has shaped her personal identity in addition to her professional life. After losing both of her parents within 2 months, she has experienced profound growth and transformation despite the intensity of her grief. She also strives to implement concepts from psychological research to enhance her own life and relationships.

In her free time, Brynne is a huge science-fiction nerd and stays active through running, soccer, hiking, kayaking, and jiu-jitsu.

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