Policy of the War in Ukraine Featuring Taylor Patrice

Taylor Patrice, Policy of the War in Ukraine, The Inspired Women Podcast
Welcome to The Inspired Women Podcast. On this episode your host Megan Hall interviews Taylor Patrice. Taylor is the writer and podcaster behind Policy Out Loud. Policy Out Loud is a platform dedicated to helping people understand how policy shapes our everyday lives and the world around us. Everything from the price of gas to war can be explained by policy, and Taylor is committed to making these complex problems more accessible and understandable from a practical perspective for those of us who want to better understand the complex world we live in, or better yet, for those of us who want to understand how to change it. Topics Mentioned In This Episode *As an amazon affiliate I may receive a small percentage of proceeds from any purchases through some of the links above* Connect With Taylor: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Email: hello@taylorpatrice.com XoXo Megan

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