Navigating Healing Featuring Tihane

Navigating Healing, Tihane, The Inspired Women Podcast

Welcome to The Inspired Women Podcast. On this episode your host Megan Hall interviews Tihane.

Tihane is a Performing Artist, Creative Director and Public Speaker who focuses on immersive storytelling experiences that awaken and empower audiences with creative tools for personal transformation. She cites her Polynesian Croatian background, nomadic upbringing and a decade of living in Kenya, as her main sources of inspiration in cultivating creative experiences that bridge divides. She has been invited to speak and perform at TEDx, Yale University, Creative Visions Foundation, GenderSmart Investing Summit and more.  During a decade of work across America and Africa, Tihane has contributed to a diverse range of projects for New York Fashion Week, RevoltTV, Vogue Italia & RedBull, serving her mission to elevate pioneering projects, innovative platforms and personal brands that seek a 360 approach to growth. In facilitating workshops, presenting keynotes and providing 1:1 client sessions, Tihane specializes in exploring Identity and Creativity, with a unique process backed by Neuroscience, Flow State Technology and Sound Meditation. In 2021, Tihane discovered a new passion for curating and hosting creative events and mixed-media masterclasses in the Metaverse, providing educational entertainment experiences and onboarding opportunities for creative entrepreneurs seeking to explore the emerging marketplace of Web3.

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