Episode 40 With Shani Godwin

Welcome to episode 40 of The Inspired Women Podcast where your host Megan Hall interviews Shani Godwin author of The Love Project.

Shani Godwin is President & CEO of Communique USA, Inc., Author of The Love Project, Noted Speaker and Blogger (AudibleVoices.com)

Everything’s great! You’re a successful business owner and you’re making money. Your love life is flourishing. Your family is intact. And you’re healthy. Life is good. But what happens when each of these roles become bigger than the whole? For ShaniGodwin, it was a path that led to indiscriminant personal setbacks that were only surmountable by finding and speaking her truth.

After hitting the snooze button on life for a short while, Godwin emerged with a memoir that is a true homage to finding the ‘yourself’ in YOU — by taking care of what matters most. Godwin now leverages her learnings in business, life and community and she’s committed to helping others do the same.

Shani Godwin is a motivational speaker that is committed to helping people optimize the sum of their parts by taking care of what matters most through work/life integration strategies. Punctuated with real-life ‘learning-moments-in-time’ that have propelled her start-up to a 15-year, thriving enterprise, Godwin explores topics such as boundary-setting, people over profits, passion-driven work and yes … sending yourself flowers when necessary!

Topics Mentioned In This Episode

  • The Love Project
  • Who you need to love before you can receive love
  • Using your intuition to guide your actions
  • The importance of vulnerability

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