Episode 32 With Ann Bordeleau

Welcome to Episode Thirty Two of The Inspired Women Podcast. In this episode your host Megan Hall interviews Ann Bordeleau.

As The Spiritual Energy ”Chef”, Ann provides coaching and mentoring to people who are frustrated with their life, know they deserve more, are ready to finally take charge and make the changes needed for a happy life. Her clients take a look at the current life “recipe” and decide which ingredients they need to keep and which ones can be swapped out for something healthier. The end result is to create a life filled with happiness, love, & vitality.

Energy clearing has taken Ann from a person living in a world that was out of balance, full of fear and lack, to a warrior who would fight for her true self and be able to find her passion in life. Coaching/mentoring men and women break through the barriers that keep them stuck in a life they don’t like so they can FINALLY be FREE is her ultimate JOY! It’s what keeps me looking forward to waking up every day and she’s very grateful to have been given these Divine gifts of mediumship and clearing to share with the world to help people heal on all levels (mind, body, and spirit) and live their life to the fullest.

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