Episode 10 With Kaycee McCoy

Welcome to Episode Ten of The Inspired Women Podcast. In this episode your hosts interview marketing expert Kaycee McCoy.

Kaycee McCoy is the Owner/Chief Community Curator at Create/Captivate. She’s a quirky blend of a dreamer and a doer; a creative entrepreneur with enthusiasm and energy for miles. She’s married to a handsome Active Duty Sailor and also a mom to her beautiful cat Gus. Kaycee has over a decade of creative marketing, consulting, and public speaking experience. Create/Captivate is a creative marketing and consulting company that provides small as well as large companies with services such as blogging, social media management email campaigns. Current Create/Captivate clients include every industry from accountants to therapists to cell phone charging kiosk businesses and more.

Topics Mentioned In This Episode

  • The importance of re-branding
  • People get really angry over toilet paper
  • How Life Coaching can help you
  • Blending who you are with what you do
  • Compass
  • How many chances to give people

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