Podcast Sponsorship Opportunities

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10% of all sponsorship $’s will be donated to a woman founded non profit or a non profit that supports women.

The Inspired Women Supporter: Donate What You Can Below

Shout out on our social media

The Inspired Women Crusader: $20
Shout out on the podcast (link provided in shown notes) & social media Ex: Thanks to _______ for supporting this episode of the podcast.

The Inspired Women Promoter: $50
One 30 second “ad” on the podcast with you link provided in the show note) & social media shout out. You choose what will be said in the ad but I am the one saying in it. 

There are 4 Crusader & 4 Promoter spots available monthly. Interview episodes are recorded a month in advance and Fri-YAY episodes two weeks in advance. 

Two “competing” companies cannot be featured on the same month. For example: Two people in the health/fitness industry cannot be featured the same month.

Megan reserves the right to turn away any sponsorship’s that may not be a good fit.

Must be female founded companies or female centric products/services.

Please email info@inspiredwomenpodcast.com with what level you’d like to promote and what your product, service or business is if you are interested.